Phone calls won’t cut it: customer service in an online age

I have been doing sales in the contact center industry for over 20 years now, and a lot has changed since I first started out. I come from an era of ensuring customer service excellence via phone calls and self-service. Now we’re keeping our customers happy via online communication.

We all need to prepare ourselves for the new era of customer service. One that is quickly-evolving. We are not only concerned with phone call and self-controlled customer service, we have to meet our customers where they are talking about our business: online. If we don’t keep up, we’ll lose valuable time with our customers. We need to stay ahead of our competition.

B&H Photo and Crutchfield Corporation know a thing or two about having the competitive edge on their market. These successful online electronics retailers know how to keep their customers happy via online experiences.  Photo guide writer Ken Rockwell wrote that B&H Photo was far more concerned with keeping customers happy rather than trying to make a quick sale. Crutchfield has an impact with their customer service by earning’s “Circle of Excellence” Award in performance and customer service for 14 years in a row.  These companies manage to remain leaders in their industry, where new electronics evolve more quickly than I can type this sentence.

The bottom line: we have a lot to learn from the stellar customer service delivered by these two companies. That’s why I’m really looking forward to hearing their tips in the upcoming webinar on August 26th at 11:30AM EDT. Did I mention it’s FREE?  I’ll see you there!


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