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Think you have your head around social media? Think again!

My thoughts on “The NOW Revolution: 7 Shifts to Make Your Business Faster, Smarter and More Social”

Perhaps thinking I knew the answer in advance, I recently posed the question “What keeps you up at night?” to a contact center executive before one of our meetings.  To my surprise he answered “easy…social media!”

Knowing a bit about my client already, I’d expected something more traditional like gaining more control over agent scheduling or perhaps having a better grip on budgeting for the many peaks and valleys this center encounters in call volume.  But nope…social media was the answer I received.

As it turns out I had just gone to a contact center conference in Indianapolis “Interactions 2014.” One of the keynote speakers was Jay Baer who is noted for his company “Convince & Convert.”

The NOW Revolution Pic (cropped)At the conference I watched Jay deliver some laughs, but I was also floored by some of the amazingly useful information he shared about social media for business.  Here are a few gems I garnered from his talk.

  • “every employee in a potential spokesperson and brand ambassador”
  • “listening in on social media is like answering phone calls, just in a new medium”
  • “Social media can be the canary in the coal mine, your early warning detection system.  With it, you can actually see and hear real issues as they happen and tap into the very platform your customers are using to solve them.”

He shows us that as our business and social worlds become more intertwined, we need to react quickly to our customers via social media.

I came right home and bought his book “The Now Revolution”, and I was hooked. With a healthy dose of humor, he shows us the changing relationship between business and customer. Think you know your social media? You’re probably wrong.

Take this case Jay shared and try to wrap your head around it.  A major hotel chain recently adopted a new way of addressing social media responsiveness by not only answering feedback on their own “brand” but they also began proactively answering people’s travel questions about restaurant, sightseeing and leisure activities in cities they serve and some they don’t.  Here’s the weird part.  They made these recommendations without any expectation that the end user ever make a reservation in one of their properties.  That’s right.,  No sales pitch at all.  Their goal is to be seen as helpful, friendly, knowledgeable and trusted.  What’s your bet that you’d remember that the next time you book travel?

Well you might imagine that after completing the book I was looking for a way to get this to you, my friends in the contact center space. This information is too good to keep to myself.

I’d like to send you a copy of Jay’s book, FREE of charge.

Tweet the link for this post using the hashtag #ServiceMatters and I’ll get you a copy right away!

From one customer service geek to another, I simply want to share with you the useful information I gained from this book.

I look forward to discussing the book with you, and hearing about any of your experiences working with social media or the contact center in the comments below.


** Edit: Giveaway has now ended. Thanks to all that participated!


Fast Service Preferred Over Good Service – Really?

2013-10-24 GettyImages_73581757 (Photoshopped to 600 wide)

I encourage you to check out this new study hosted by Interactive Intelligence and performed by Actionable Intelligence that sheds new light on the rapid changes we are experiencing in the world of customer service.  My favorite finding so far – customers prefer fast service over good service! Really?

Screen Shot 2014-08-20 at 4.28.12 PM


Are Post Call Surveys a Thing of the Past


How quickly things can change.  What was once a staple of customer experience metrics is fast becoming a dinosaur. Contact centers today are realizing that stored recordings are like looking for a needle in a haystack and that they quickly lose their relevance after 24 hours.

Post call surveys have recently been used as a more accurate measure of the state of mind of the caller as they are offered an option to participate in a live or self-service survey just after they complete their transaction.  The only challenge with this is that this is a post call event.  If there was a problem on that call it is already over and done with.  Maybe you’ll capture that caller feedback in the survey or maybe you won’t.

What if you could sit on all of your calls and listen to both sides of the conversation?  It would only take about a billion supervisors but could you imagine all the great opportunities you’d have to jump in and save a call that’s taking a dive or immediately congratulate an agent who has done an exceptional job?

I’ve recently become aware of some new technology that will allow you to automate the listening on both sides of the call (agent and customer) without you having to tap into every call.  You simply set up the system to listen for a set of words or phrases and the systems will listen to all your calls.  It will even provide a score for every call and store it like recording systems have done for ages.  What’s different is that if the real-time score takes a dive your supervisors are alerted as the call is in progress.  I mean right now!

Let’s welcome real-time voice analytics to the world of customer satisfaction.  With this immediate access to the state of the call, supervisors, trainers or managers can decide if they need to intervene to steer a call in another direction.  Agents can also rest assured that you have their backs in the “he said – she said” world of customer service.

No more waiting until the “ship has sailed.”  Immediate action can be taken in making the customer experience outcomes a positive one on every call.

Here are a couple of paths you can take to learn more about real-time speech analytics.

DMG Consulting’s site has a report you can download at: http://www.dmgconsult.com/services/speechreport.asp

Interactive Intelligence interviewed MainTrax a leading independent voice analytics consultancy recently.  Here is a link to the white paper that came from those sessions. http://www.inin.com/resources/Documents/Using-Real-Time-Speech-Analytics.pdf

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